Kids Canvas' & Photography Details

Hi friends!

Okay, if you've seen the inside of my home (I need and WILL share more pictures!) then you know that I do NOT have a lot of wall decor. I like the open feel and I only have a few things on my walls. I mostly want pictures for the decor in our home. But, I'm a huge procrastinator and as terrible as it is (being a photographer) I am horrible at printing my pictures! I mean I preach "what good are your memories on your hard drive!" but, I haven't done my best at printing either. SO- I'm gonna get better on that ;) 

My kids' bedrooms do have some wall decor, but I wanted to have some pictures of them to hang up on their walls for their decor, too. Most of my house is black and white, so I decided to do some head shots of each of them in B&W and print on canvas to hang on their walls. My daughter turned six and I thought, why wait to document! I need to make this a yearly thing. Honestly, I'm mad at myself for not doing it the past years. But, I started today, so that's what we are going with. 

I only use natural lighting- I have large windows in my living room, so that is where I shoot all my business headshots and where I shot these. I have white metal ceilings and white walls, so the light in my home is really nice & soft. I had them sit on one of our kitchen stools and the light is coming in on the left side of the photo (to their right in real life). I shoot with a Nikon D4s and with the Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 lens. My ISO was set at 1000 and my shutter speed was at 800. Aperture was 2.8 (What I almost always keep it on). I edit all of my photos in Lightroom (whether they are taken with my professional camera or on my iPhone, I use Lightroom CC app for mobile) The preset I used added grain to the photos (I love grain, but I usually take it away on my professional pictures that I deliver to clients).


These are my precious babies! they're the craziest, prettiest & funniest kids. I am so so so thankful they are mine. I would love to see you try this with your kiddos or even fur babies! Be sure and tag me! xo