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I’ve been wanting to do an interior post for a while and I’m finally getting around to it! This has to be my favorite thing to pick out and shop for, but even better when it is all on SALE!

I have rounded up 13 picks from one of my favorite, online, furniture stores- World Market! They have an amazing sale selection and I seriously had to work HARD to narrow it down to less than 15! So, just know that more & more post like this will be coming soon!

We are shopping around for new furniture for our living room and then to add pieces to other parts of our house. I promise, a blog post about my house is coming soon, but I really want it to be completely finished & decorated before I do that! (I mean we’ve only been living here for 2 years ;) ) My style is….. Well, I guess you’d call it Farmhouse Modern ? a little boho thrown in there ? I’m not sure what the name for it would be, but once I do the blog post then you all can tell me! Ha!

I have the layout for my living room in my head (& pinned here on Pinterest) I’m wanting two Chesterfield style sofas, two recliners, and a bigger coffee table. Right now, we have a large “U” shaped couch (that I looooove because it is so big and all of us can lounge and sleep on it!) BUT, we don’t have recliners! And we thought we could do without, but 2 years past and we can’t any longer! haha! I’m also wanting two chairs to go to the left of my fireplace with an accent table & lamp. Then I need something to put under our stair case. I’m thinking a long, tufted bench with a big mirror above or canvas….. I guess we will just see what the heck I come up with!

For our bedroom I need a long table or dresser for under our mounted tv. We don’t necessarily need a dresser for clothing or anything because we have them built in our closets, but I want the look of one and to be able to use the top for decor. I also need a large circle rug in our room.

Okay, now that I am thinking of everything that we need (WANT) I am getting a little bit overwhelmed! So, I’ll save the rest for another post!

You can shop the items from the links up top or the images below!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!



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