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Beach Vaca Styles

Hey friends! 

I'm trying to get some of my (& kiddos) vaca wardrobe picked out and I wanted to share some favorites with you! We're headed to the beach in a few weeks and I am ready (but, my beach bod isn't! Can I get an AMEN?) I'm going to list some outfit choices first and then shoes & accessories at the end!


My style is pretty simple. I don't usually get too crazy and I'm alllll about comfort! I tend to do dresses more for the beach every year. It's just so easy to lay on the beach all day, then go shower & throw on a dress! I am taking some white jeans & jean shorts to wear with the tops I take. I am anxious to try a jumpsuit, I don't know if this bod is built for one (I'm 5'3), but we will see!

The style I get asked most about is Dru's! She's so much fun to dress, but you guys, the girl has her own style 99% of the time! It's a lot of mix match, color, & scrunchies! Ha! She's gotten better at letting mom "help", but sometimes she still just goes with whatever she's feeling for the day (or the 300x she changes through out the day!) Here are a few favorites I love for her though! & hopefully she will approve, too! ;)

Drake is pretty easy going, too- BUT, he is picky about material on shirts (LIKE HIS DADDY) and he loves soft & comfy. He does pretty good on letting me pick out his outfits & does like to "dress up" when we go out, which means not wearing Under Armour or Nike ;) 

and right now I'm cracking up! My husband literally has every color in this shirt. He has his work ones and casual ones. I'm looking through to find some casual men's tee's and they all end up looking the same, so I'm not going to even bother! He does have style and does like to dress up ocassionaly, but he's like Drake, he prefers the comfort ;) We will see what he comes up with for vacation, but more than likely he will be sending me out to find stuff for him! So wish me luck!!!


I picked comfy & water/sand appropriate shoes for the kiddos. I'll wear the TOM's wedges for out to dinner and the flats, too. My Adidas sliders will be on at all times to and from the ocean (THESE ARE LIKE WALKING ON CLOUDS, I'm obsessed). I never leave home without my Micale | Lynn scrunchies & my DIFF sunnies! The Kendra Scott hoops are my fav right now thanks to my girl, Aub- who introduced them to me!  I hope you find some inspo for yourself & fam (not husband, unless he's wearing UA at all times!! ha!) Let me know what you guys think and if there's some items I need to check out before we head on vaca! 

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