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Rose Gold Hair (Temporary tint)

I've been debating on adding some pink to my hair, but alway backed out last minute- I know it would fade quick anyway, but I just still couldn't do it! I found this Kristen Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint Spray at Target and wanted to give it a try! Dru has been wanting pink, too, so I figured this would be perfect for her hair as well! (Click on the pic to shop!)

Kristen Ess

Rose Gold Temporary Tint

It says that it works best on light / bleached hair; I was assuming it wouldn't work on Dru's since her hair has obviously never been colored. It says to wash your hair like normal & then spray on the tint while your hair is still damp. Think of your hair like a sponge, the dryer it is, the more it will soak in the color- first time it didn't take on Dru's, we had it still damp. So, the next time I left her hair completely dry and spray it and let it set for the 1-2 minutes (maybe a little longer) and then washed like normal & it took! Not a ton, but where you could definitely tell! I'll post a pic down below of hers.

I tried it on mine (bleached/lighter hair) I did it damp the first time, just like I did Dru's, and you could see a little tint, but I wanted more of a dramatic color, so I did it completely dry and washed & conditioned (exactly like I did Dru's up above ) and I loved the outcome! It was not too heavy on the color, but definitely noticeable. The spray smells amazing and gets the job done! I still have it in my hair and I need to order more, because I want this stuff on hand at all times now!  I'll post a pic of mine down below.

We've enjoyed our pink hair and hope you guys try it out and let me know what you think! Can't wait to see your pics from it too- tag me on instagram or facebook so I can see! xo

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