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I’m mainly writing this blog post to hold myself accountable, so there, that’s out in the open! ;)

So, besides working on myself as a person, mother, wife, christian. Is it so predictable that usually everyone’s New Year resolutions is to get healthier? Maybe. But, I think that has been my resolution for like 4 years and I always fall off the wagon! I hope this year that I will stick with it. I am determined to for my KIDS, HUSBAND, HEALTH, & MYSELF. This past year I have struggled with so much. A lot caused by my diet and way of living. My biggest excuse would be that we are SO BUSY & we eat out a lot because of it. But, what I’ve noticed while making my excuses that other people were able to get healthier WHILE being just as busy, if not more, than me! A lot of the time I am not feeling good, I have frequent headaches, I am irritatable, uncomfortable, fatigued, & stressed. (Don’t get me wrong, I am a happy person, I have just never felt this icky before!) I know it is all due to my DIET and lack of exercise. I will do good for a week or so and then just put it on the back burner, so I have made a commitment to myself for this year and I’m starting off my January with a 30-Day Arbonne detox with my friend. ( I’m making my hubs do it, too- it’s much easier when it’s not just ME). I have also joined a Beach Body accountability group with another friend who is a Beach Body Coach and will be doing the new Transform :20 workouts! 20 minutes a day, I have no excuse not to you guys! (If you want information on either of these or want to go through them with me and we can keep each other accountable- let me know & I will put you in touch with the coaches!) I’m excited to see how I am feeling by February and then each month from then on!

Okay, so now that you can hold this over my head if I slack or don’t stick with it, I’ll share some activewear picks that I have on my list, so that when I workout and then have to go run an errand, I don’t look like I just rolled out of bed ;) You can shop the links above or the images below. Also, don’t forget about my retailers page and you can shop the full websites from links I have created!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years and I would love to hear some of your resolutions!



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