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Hey y’all! I have rounded up my favorite 15 picks for Valentine’s Day and I’m secretly hoping Damon somehow sees this post to know what to get me…. ;) BUT, enough about me! Just copy the link to my blog & send to your significant other for ideas for you or BUY YOURSELF SOMETHING, because you deserve it!

  1. This has ALWAYS been my favorite perfume! I can’t do very strong smells (because, headaches.) So, this is perfect and I still get compliments. Even if I don’t wanna shower that day ;)

  2. I love these! You could get your kiddos names, YOUR name, your significant others name, or a special date!

  3. Okay, the best headband in the game. Like I said, I’m prone to headaches, but these are made so good I don’t have to worry about them! and they’re super cute, too.

  4. If you’re wanting something personalized that you’re going to get A LOT of use out of, here ya go! These are the cutest ones I’ve seen by far!

  5. Scrunchies are the rage and I have found one that is better quality or HOLDS MY HAIR than this one! and the fun pink is perfect for VDAY.

  6. If you don’t have one of these yet, then you ain’t livin’ life baby. (& the heart design, perfect)

  7. I love these! and because they’re black. and that’s most of my wardrobe. Perfect for day or night!

  8. My favorite!! I am linking the real product and also a dupe! I ordered this dupe for Dru the other day too because she was begging for a GG belt ;)

  9. I love the little pink heart and initials! Perfect for kiddos or couples.

  10. My newest perfume, I got this in Vegas and I love it! The smell does not give me a headache, but lasts all day long.

  11. I’m obsessed with these! they’re super flashy and not usually my style, but I am definitely getting these for this summer. they’re so fun!

  12. gimme allll the pj sets and this print is perfect for VDAY!

  13. Perfect hoops for your date night! Lightweight, too! Won’t weigh your ears down.

  14. I think I will wear this all day long. No matter what. because, PJS.

  15. I love any of my ugg shoes! and you need slippers to go with your new pjs. & they’re pink!

    Okay, that’s all I’ve got! I’m excited to hear what you love from this pile! I hope you have a great VALENTINE’S DAY!!



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